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The legendary Blockheads are playing live in Liverpool on Friday, April 22nd. Supported by high energy R&B band, The EXTRAS!




Samuel Garlick with Phil Hartley and 10 others.



We're bringing world-renowned Rock and Roll outfit THE BLOCKHEADS to the incredibly stunning and unique surroundings of Sefton Park Palm House on April 22nd.

Limited tickets now available -…/the-bloc…/sefton-park-palm-house/955718

Review for The EXTRAS @ BJ’s ‘Rock in the Blues’ Club, The Minstrel, Chorley – 1st January 2015

A welcome return to BJ’s ‘Rock in the Blues Club’ at the Minstrel, Chorley, of brilliant EXTRAS from Southport. Having been off the radar for a while and it was good to see them back on the circuit – with music that has just got better!

The line up toasts a new front man, Mark Taylor on vocals, (who is the son of Merseybeat legend Kingsize Taylor), Dave Woods, who continues to ‘wow’ us on superb guitar, Joan ‘Miss Dynamite’ Bimson, keeping that energy going on bass and backing vocals, with the pounding skin man Mark Prescott on drums, giving us that high octane sound that is the Extras!

A great opener to the evening with Sam Cooks ‘That’s It, I Quit’, an up tempo rockin’ number giving us the Extras individual take. Some full on up tempo rhythm and blues to follow with ‘I’m Not Talking’ then moving on to some classic Dr Feelgood with ‘Sugar Shaker’, ‘I Can Tell’ and ‘Every Kind Of Vice’ with great rhythms on pounding drum and bass from Mark and Joan.

‘Have Love Will Travel’ by the Sonics, gave us some classic R&B, with a bit of rockabilly on ‘Stray Cat Strut’. A cheer went up for ‘Tin Soldier’ the Stevie Marriot classic rock song, with excellent vocals from Mark. Some fast finger work from Dave on ‘Take A Tip’, a high energy rhythm and blues Dr Feelgood track, more to follow with the driving rhythms of ‘Lights Out’ – rock ‘n roll on speed!! Finishing off the excellent first set, some up tempo classic rock on ‘Moonchild’ and the pounding drums on Feelgoods ‘Heart Of The City’ – phew!

The second set was equally ‘full on’, opening with a mega instrumental ‘Misirlou’ leading straight into ‘Peter Gun’. Next it was ‘get on your dancing shoes’, with a high energy skiffle number ‘Lonesome Train. Back to the 60’s with a Wikson Picket’s ’99 And A Half’, then some rock ‘n roll with ‘Bad Boy’.

Rockin’ it up with ‘Dr Feelgood’, ‘Hog For You’, ‘Stupidity’ and ‘I Take What I Want’, they hit some classic R&B with Vince Taylor’s ‘Brand New Cadillac’, Presley’s ‘Hunk Of Love’- taking the 12 bar to a new dimension – and the classic Johnny Kidd & The Pirates ‘Shaking All Over’ and ‘Please Don’t Touch’.

Finishing off the set with some more Dr Feelgood classics, ‘She Does It Right’ and ‘She’s A Wind Up’ with a well deserved encore of ‘Route 66′, the Extras certainly left their stamp again, on the crowd at BJ’s!!!

Rosy Greer – Lancashire Blues Archive and Independent Reviewer

A Review of the Extras at the Old Black Bull, Preston, Saturday December 6th 2014 by Tony Wardle. "....A new vocalist and the band with several new songs and some old Extras crowd favorites ...

Tight, slick and lots of humorous laugh out loud banter tonight with everyone chirping in with some nice one liners and some nifty stage wear from the new guy. With a powerful vocal, again keeping within the ethos of the Extra's high octane brand of R&B it's the Extras we know and love but with a bit.....well...Extra.

Differences from other line ups? A slight 60s beat (steady on there) feel, albeit with their high octane feel about the set and a few challenging tracks too. The Small Faces - Tin Soldier anyone ? A cracking song from one of my favorite bands.... Bugger, if they do any more I will have to change some plans I had for our set 

Last night's gig is a venue I know well. Several of the locals saying its the best band on there for months. A crowded bar and room full all night and and lots of people dancing... This from a band not local to Preston too..Blimey what would it be like on their home turf? I would be mega surprised if the Extras don't have a few return bookings at Ye Old Black Bull in 2015.

A quick word about last nights PA... A superb sound... One of the best sounds I've heard in there.... I will be seeing the Extras again on New Year's Day at BJ's Blues Club at the Minstrel in Chorley. Do yourself a favour, if you think you're in a good band see this guys and ask yourself that question again."